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A rental platform for everyone...

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Our Goal

To simplify and modernize the rental process for everyone.

Let’s face it, the rental process is needlessly fragmented and complex. Enough already. Regardless of your role in the transaction, be it the renter, the property manager or the independent landlord, our solutions will make your life easier.

We believe the rental process should be as simple as booking a hotel online.


Who we are?

While RentBits is over 10 years old, we still get up everyday and wonder what we can do to make things better for our users. From there, we take action and get things done...no red tape around here. We have never lost sight from our days as a startup where 14 hour days and bottomless cups of coffee were all in a day's work, and we always remind ourselves that we work for our users, not the other way around.

We are made up of former Googler’s, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, startup enthusiasts and technical ninjas..


Did we mention that most of our services are free?


Rentbits mobile app

  • Comprehensive

    With over 200,000 rental property listings, you will always find that perfect rental.

  • Fast

    We serve rental properties with speed so you can get to where you want to go quickly.

  • Carefully designed

    With a renter first approach on design, your perfect rental is just a click away.

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